FEATURES | Now Partnering with Paul Mitchell The School

We have some exciting news!! We will now be partnering with Paul Mitchell The School! Beauty Pro Careers will now be a part of their program to help students find a job after graduating.

FEATURES | Now Partnering with Paul Mitchell The School

Beauty Pro Careers will now be a part of Paul Mitchell The School’s program in Lincoln, NE to help the students find jobs after graduating.  Students, or as they call them, “Future Professionals” can browse our site and sign up to our newsletter to receive new job openings to their email address. They can also choose to follow our Instagram or like our Facebook page since both will have posts with new job openings among other things like business tips and marketing ideas.

This will be a great resource for the new Cosmetologists and Barbers that are just starting out and would like to be able to browse all of the job openings in their area. They will be able to browse however they choose.

Here are some of the different options they can pick while searching for a job opening…

  • They can choose the range of how far the salon is located compared to their current location
  • They can choose to look for full-time, part-time or even seasonal jobs available.
  • They can browse commission salons, a salon that pays hourly, booth rent openings or even a suite rental.
  • Barbers and Cosmetologists can search by category to search salons hiring for that specific position.
  • If a cosmetologist chooses to expand their career by being a makeup artist or nail artist they can search for salons hiring for that position as well.

We’ve even gone further to expand their search options. The students can look for specific benefits the salon provides as well. Some of those options are…

  • If the salon has parking available
  • If free Wifi is provided
  • If health insurance is provided
  • Paid Vacation
  • Hiring bonus
  • Choose a salon that has a walk-in clientele or has online booking available.

Having such an extensive search available will ensure that the students will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for with their first job out of school. 

If you’re a salon owner looking for new graduates now would be a great time to add a listing and fill your salon with newly motivated and excited beauty professionals!

We want to thank Paul Mitchell The School for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to what we can bring to the future of this industry!


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